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Confworld Educational Research And Development Association (CERADA)

The history of the Confworld Educational Research And Development Association (CERADA) echoes our rigorous efforts in ushering a new era of technical transformation in science and technology. Our groundbreaking initiatives to integrate researchers and foster scientific advancement have established significant milestones in diverse fields including Engineering, Medicine, Science & Technology, Education, Management, Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities and beyond.

CERADA is registered as a Non-Profit Organization under Section 8 of the Companies Act at the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. The organization was officially founded during its inaugural meeting in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, where a resolution was passed by the board of members to establish Confworld.

Our History: A Chronicle of Scientific Breakthroughs.

Since its inception, CERADA has been relentless in strengthening its associations and publications to meet the evolving needs of the global academic community. The organization has grown to become a comprehensive umbrella, supporting and nurturing numerous scientific communities, associations, and organizations across various sectors such as engineering, science & technology, education, and medicine.

Operating worldwide to enhance research outcomes, CERADA provides individual researchers and institutions with extensive opportunities to create an incubative environment for innovation. By fostering collaboration and promoting sustainable development, CERADA continues to elevate the standards of scientific research and technological advancement globally.